If you are a cell phone tower landowner or building lease owner or know somebody that is, this article will supply some understanding into tactics used by the Wireless Market to make the most of unsuspecting cell tower landowners.


Cell Tower on treeCompanies exist to generate income. The wireless market is no different. Even though, you felt like you struck the lottery and in a manner you did, but what if you found out that the lotto was just paying you 1/4 of your payouts.

When you take a look at the market, it is still fairly young. Think about when you were maturing, I’m sure you remember radio, having to roll the windows up in your car by hand, or using a rotary phone. Now it’s the web, which powers everything and cell phones. I only mention this so that as a landowner you realize you are part of brand-new technology that has not just changed the rotary phone, now your LAN line home phone also. With that comes the potential to benefit significantly, just as everyone has from making use of cell phones. Many landowners and attorneys do not have the knowledge in this market to benefit totally from it’s potential. Here are a number of examples of methods used by cellular phone business and tower companies.

1.) The cellular phone market is consolidating so that implies your tower may be at threat.

Most of the time, this is simply not real. Yes, there has been consolidation such as the merger of Sprint and Nextel, as Cell Towerwell as Cingular and AT&T. But understand that does not indicate less demand for the service that is being provided. In addition, there are new companies such as Clearwire that are succeeding and growing. Here is another secret, mobile phone towers are not only being utilized for voice interaction. Bringing the web to your phone and other media content consisting of television is here now.. This translates into higher cell phone bills that mean more money for that business. Should, not that imply more money for landowners?

2.) Utilize this lump sum payment to pay costs now.

A lump sum offer may sound like a great deal, specifically if they provide you seven years at your existing rent. There are scenarios when this is a feasible alternative, but as I mentioned before companies exist to earn money. Combine that with the possibility that you are not getting enough Cell Tower 04for your land agreement and that is exactly how these companies are generating income. Often they will reverse and re-negotiate your agreement for a lot more and begin making money from your financial situation. Picture if you received $500 more a month from your cell phone tower lease. Would this help ease a few of your financial obligations? What if you could get more? Often short term problems can be addressed with long-term solutions, not always the quick repair.

These are the two common circumstances. The reality is that as a landowner you have a great investment resting on your property. To learn more or if you have any concerns go online and do some research.