The aim of any company is to earn optimal revenue on the money invested. There are numerous nuts and bolts that add to the success of a company.

An excellent item, brand image, customer support and always paying attention to what your consumers want is essential. But one of the primary factors to a successful brand name distinction is product packaging. It is the cola Packaging impression that a company makes on the public. An excellent product packaging is the representation of the brand image and prestige of a facility.

Product packaging is a brand name activity. A quality and innovative packaging help to recognize the item from the competitor’s product. Great product packaging is cumulative efforts of a designer, a researcher, a specialist, the marketing guy, the marketer, the sales department and top management.

An ingenious product packaging serves as an indirect salesperson for the item. It serves as marketing media for the item. The capability of packaging as an effective selling device was shown to be reliable when it came to cosmetic and liquor markets. Some functions of packaging are:

1. Packaging provides security from various kind of damages like moisture gain or loss, chemical modification and damage by mechanical handling.
2. To determine the contents, the brand name and the maker.
3. Great packaging items are practical to use.Product Packaging
4. Makes a general excellent impression about the company’s image.
5. Prestige of a product is kept with the help of appropriate product packaging.
6. Packaging provides innovative chances for the manufacturer to display their item as compared to their competitors.
7. Product packaging encourages the consumers for repurchases.
8. Product packaging offers opportunity and area for marketing.

Good packaging can serve as media for marketing and affect the clients on their buying choice. It is the best way to make a consumer remember your product as they will not need to look in detail, but can identify your product by the packaging alone.