SEM Tactics to Boost Conversions

Search engine marketing or SEM can be quite a challenging task, but quite important if you want to increase profits for your business. Data and statistics may indicate how well your campaign is doing but not necessarily what exactly you should be doing at any given time. You can do quite a lot to optimize your SEM campaign continuously, without necessarily using keyword data.

Check Quality Scores

Maximizing on any opportunity is the major part of search engine marketing. You need to get as many shots at leads as you can within a limited budget. The quality score is one of the main factors, which will determine the number of clicks that you can get. Quality score is a ranking system that checks the relevance of your keyword based on the landing page and ad text which you send users to. Google will reward higher quality score as their intention is for users to get the most relevant results. A higher quality score also means that it will cost you less money per click, allowing you to fit more clicks within the same marketing services

Use Local Keyword Phrases

The competition in online marketing is cut-throat. There are many brands out there offering similar products or services as you, all fighting over the same customers. A good loophole to this may be to channel your efforts to your local market, which will be easier to handle. Irrespective of the nature of your business, a majority of people will always choose to support local businesses. This is because they are likely to get better and personalized services among other benefits. Using local keywords and phrases will help you stand out from the global competitors. Ensure you conduct thorough research to find out the keywords and phrases searched for by local users.

Bid on Your Brand Name

You will have to put bids in for ad space for you to advertise with Google AdWords. You can choose the things to bid on, and Google will make the decision on which link or ad to put in the given space. If, for example, you only wish to get traffic to your site, cost-per-click bidding will be a good choice as you will pay only when a user clicks on your ad. In a competitive market, it is important that you put bids on your brand name. This is more of the case when your brand name consists of a generic word, as your website may not come up first even when users search your brand name.